Covid-19 Filming

Like all businesses we have adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our main priority is making sure all of our crew, clients and contributors are safe when out filming.

For an industry that usually works in close tight knit teams social distancing does mean we have to plan and focus on the detail even more than we usually would. Since we started a decade ago we have always adapted to every job and client request, it is what we love doing and what we’re good at.

Focused Planning

Watch the film on the right as an example of what is achievable with a small team and focused planning. Although shot in 2019 before Covid-19, this type of film could 100% be produced with social distancing restrictions in place.

The one thing that social distancing cannot stop is us producing high quality content for our clients.

Please contact us if you’d like to see our Covid-19 filming policy or have a project you’d like to discuss.